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8 Ways to Leverage Content to Attract Customers


Producing valuable content will attract your target audience and generate more quality leads at a lower cost than traditional marketing. According to Google and other major search engines, content is now king. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing to improve your search rankings. If you want to grow your traffic organically, you must have good quality, relevant content for attract visitors.

How to Leverage Content to Attract Customers

You are an expert. You produce content. Here’s how to use that content to attract an audience and increase sales.

Create relevant content

Creating content is not enough. You need to create relevant content, targeted content that solves problems and attracts the people your products or services can help. Before creating content, identify exactly who you are trying to attract. Do not create any piece of content without first visualizing who it is you want to visit your website.

Use analytics

Take your targeting a step further by using analytics to find out who exactly visits your site. If, for example, you sell exercise equipment, your content serves the needs of active people. After looking at your analytics page, you discover that 65% of your visitors are women and that among those women, over half are between 30-45 years old. Wouldn’t that knowledge help you craft more targeted lead magnets and help convert more website visitors?

Design your site well

Website design matters. It won’t matter how great your content is if people can’t find it. If your site loads slowly, your would-be customers will have fled to your competitors or will be reading super-hero memes that don’t take forever to load. If your site loads fast, then great, but can visitors find what they are looking for? Use tags and categories for easy navigation. Use a navigation bar and a search feature to keep visitors on your site and engaged in your content.

Optimize content

Do you want to be a great content producer or a greatly visited content producer? Although it’s nice to be both, when it comes to attracting customers, increasing conversions, and making sales, you want to be a greatly visited content producer. That means optimizing your content for search engines by using the language your target audience uses when searching for solutions.

Produce shareable content

The first step in getting people to buy your products is attracting them to your website. Wouldn’t it be great if others helped you do this? That’s what happens when visitors share your content. Shareable content includes¬†content that informs, disproves a common theory, promotes a humanitarian cause, is nostalgic, or focuses on current events. Your website visitors obviously love you, but not enough to share your content without being asked. So ask them. And help them with social media share icons.

Convert with content

You’ve attracted all these wonderful website visitors in your target audience with wonderful content. So how do you convert them into qualified leads? By producing more wonderful content. In order to get this wonderful content, however, it requires an email address. This type of content takes the form of e-books, checklists, webinars, free courses, free tools, and whatever else provides further value.

Make content the focus of your emails

Content is what got your audience here. Content’s what’s going to keep them. Don’t go straight to the sales pitch. Instead provide quality content–along with the occasional special offer and links to your site or various product pages or the occasional lead page. But don’t lose sight of why someone signed up on your email list. It’s because he or she wanted more valuable content.

Provide a call-to-action with your content

How do you feel after spending a little time on a website that helped you solve a problem or provided something of value? How do you feel toward the person who created and posted the content? Other than birthing a child or falling in love, is it possible to feel a stronger bond than one created by such content? Now’s the time to tell the visitor what to do next. It’s time for a call-to-action. What the action is depends on what stage of the funnel the visitor finds himself. It might mean clicking over to additional content. It might mean signing up for a webinar. It might mean asking them to buy something.

It’s time to take your expertise, turn it into content, and start attracting your target audience.

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