About Us

Small Dog Creative

We have decades of industry expertise in award-winning website design, branding, and marketing. Our goal is to grow your business by producing extraordinary creative campaigns through storytelling and building meaningful relationships with your audience.

A Team of Experts

Since 2007 we have worked with clients to develop strategic marketing plans, build custom websites and design print materials needed to take their businesses to the next level. We don’t just create websites, we take businesses online and build foundations for a successful future.

Practically anyone with today’s technology can create a website, but few are truly great at it. It takes a talented team of experts in their fields to build premium websites and redefine online branding. Our in-house team includes web developers, designers and marketing experts who have passion for their craft.

Purveyors of Amazing Creative Content

A lot has changed since we set up shop in 2009. While most of our clients know us for our exceptional websites, we do much more. Recently merging with Add+In Marketing in Thousand Oaks, California we have combined our web services with their marketing and creative services to provide our customers with a complete approach to branding and marketing.

By combining their expertise, Smilanick and Whittemore are confident they’ve created an agency that can engage at a deeper level with its clients and provide a rounded approach to business development that doesn’t, as Whittemore says, “just stop at the website.”

Santa Clarita Valley Business Journal, May 2018