Emotional Appeal is Brand Appeal


Dry, stale logic and analysis do not in any way promote or sell a brand. While you stand there with your annual forecast in your hand, based on last year’s statistical analysis, be prepared to watch your readers fall right to sleep. That is not the first thing people want to know. Oh, there may be a few left standing because they are so left-brain oriented that they only need stats and analysis to make a decision. That’s alright. No one shoe size fits all. But you are trying to reach the largest percentage of your target market as possible. Promoting brands without first appealing to the emotions of a prospect is a sure sign of a death knell.

When promoting a brand remember to keep the cards close to your chest. It’s tempting to want to say more than what you need to say because you wonder if you have said enough. Too much information confuses people. Too much information precludes sales. Bullet points are a sterile method to present information. Again, too much information in a sterile easy to read format. Which the Google search engine spiders use as criteria for authoritative content and which help optimize your site but… Let’s agree that bullet points and lists do serve a purpose in promoting a brand but they lack personality and emotional appeal.

A worthwhile brand should speak for itself. However, no one can recognize a good idea unless it is presented in a way that appeals to a prospect’s best interests. Every word, every picture, every page on your website must project a passionate appeal to persuade and not on providing information. Every component of your business should tell a story that is relatable to your market. How? By making a connection with your audience through charm, emotion, and storytelling.

Charm Appeal

Do you or your brand exude a certain charm and warmth that make visitors want more? Even if you sell dynamite you still need to establish trust, you still need to offer a friendly handshake of gratitude that someone has taken the time to look you up. Today, now more than ever, entrepreneurs are able to project warmth and charm to the greatest number of people. Relationships can be made with people on the other side of the globe through social media. Do you use social media to promote your brand? If the answer is no, we say you are missing out on a large portion of your market and leaving money on the table as a result. Consider the benefits of social media (in bullet point format!):

    • Establishes trust
    • Builds credibility
    • Enhances brand image
    • Increases brand recognition
    • Builds brand equity

If you haven’t done so yet, get on the social media magic carpet and fly to places you’ve never dreamed about.

Emotional Appeal

Studies prove that logic and reason do not promote brands or generate sales. Marketers are coming to grasp the fact that customer attraction is gathered through some fairly common emotions such as joy, sadness, fear, excitement, or endearment. (Source: Russell H. Granger, The 7 Triggers to Yes (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2007)

Study the people in your market. Understand what makes them do the things they do or don’t do. Brands are in business to improve lives.

Empathetic endearment is a powerful emotion to tap into. People relate to what other people go through, be it good or be it bad.

One final word on appealing to someone’s emotion: Be sincere. People are tuned in and will move on if they see you lack sincerity. 

Storytelling Appeal

Storytelling can be as broad or as specific as needed. Depends on your audience, your brand, and you. Stories provide reference to people’s lives. Without stories, people die. Stories grab and hold and provide opportunity to get the reader/listener actively involved with your brand.

When concocting a story ask the following questions:

    • Who is the reader?
    • What problem does your story solve?
    • How can you solve your reader’s problem?
    • What emotion(s) do you want to invoke?
    • What is the takeaway of your story?

Make sure you interject humor into your storytelling. Humor is the greatest way to help people to recall your story and brand. Stories of endearment may include humor as well.

Create and share stories that relate your experience and knowledge to your reader in a way that is personable, intuitive, and compelling.

Is there more we could say? You bet there is. But we’re saving it for later. If we wrote anything else it would be too much.

To learn more about how to improve your marketing strategies and grow your business, give us a call at 661-702-1310!

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