Navigating the World of Twitter

More and more businesses are “tweeting,” and why not? It’s free and not hard to compose–just 140 characters per “tweet.” It’s simple to set up an account and you can link to it from your website.


Following other companies and individuals is a great way to subtly introduce yourself. You can add links on your website to your Twitter account and even create contests to encourage followers.


Tweeting can also be easily done through smartphones and tablets, so you can do it just about anywhere. What’s not so easy is thinking of something to Tweet about. Here are a few ideas:

The best way to develop relationships with people is to respond to their posts and conversations. Key in the “@” sign followed by the person’s username (no spaces) with your response. Give support, laugh, share a similar experience–do what you can to show others that you’re interested in what they are tweeting about.

You can fill an event and build anticipation by counting down to start time. 1 day left, 1 hour left, 5 minutes left–this strategy can be great to amp up any upcoming deadline or event. It has worked incredibly well for live video casts, podcasts, and webinars.

Blog Posts
If you’re a blogger, let folks read your latest post by tweeting the title and a link. If you blog with us, we can link your blog to your Twitter account to automatically tweet every time you post a new blog entry.

“As-It-Happens” Updates
Whether you’re wandering an Expo Hall, attending a webinar, at a conference, or listening to a teleseminar, you can create a live mini-newsfeed with your tweets. Let clients know you are staying up-to-date with the latest information, and that you are an active part of your professional community.

This is a favorite of mine. Simply ask a question and watch your friends and followers respond. Great for impromptu market research or quick feedback.

Tweet about getting a new client, finishing a big project, meeting a deadline, achieving a milestone, or whatever else merits a bit of festivity. This is a great way for others to learn about your accomplishments in a modest way.

Twitter is no great mystery, it’s simply digital small talk. Small talk opens the doors to bigger, more profitable conversations. Use these Twitter techniques to break the ice and make valuable new connections.

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