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Offering freshly made organic and healthy dishes for customers, Eat Real came to us in need of a fresh and contemporary website that matched the look of its locations.
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Beautifully Responsive

For Here or To-Go

People looking to find a place to stop for lunch are on-the-go. With a primary mobile audience, the Eat Real website needed to look great on all devices, as well as give its predominantly mobile audience a great user experience. This means we included easy to use direction links, and click-to-call phone numbers so visitors don’t have to copy and paste.

Fast and Easy

Cooking Up Something Tasty

There are a three primary reasons why visitors come to restaurant websites. Eat Real was designed to give visitors the information they need quickly. The locations are easy to find, and visitors can get directions from the website. The phone numbers are click-to-call so on-the-go visitors can reach them easily. The Food and Drink Menus are beautiful, as well as easy for Eat Real to manage and change on their own.


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