Insurance Serving Manufacturers

Segment Specific Marketing

By working directly with the business development manager, we highlighted their expertise for healthcare and workplace safety in the manufacturing segment. We studied the differentials of each of the sub-brands they offered, and found that there were quite a bit of unique offerings that deserved to be displayed boldly. We also re-branded their workplace safety program while creating a cohesive presentation of all brands across the board.

SCV H2o color midnight blue

Refreshing Multiple Divisions

Under the SGB•NIA Brand

SGB-NIA specializes in commercial property, and casualty healthcare benefits and safety programs for mid-sized companies. They have multiple products and services all geared toward protecting manufacturing companies and their employees.

Each of their brands had un-refined looks – almost like they belonged to totally different companies. SGB-NIA wanted to create a defined look for their main brand, while at the same time separating the individual segments-focused product lines, and keeping the same high-quality messaging they worked so hard to build. The main umbrella brand, SGB-NIA needed positioning and sales materials for the sales team. Also, they needed to re-brand materials that had previously been created for them. We were up to that challenge and are excited to share the results.

Multi-Media Campaigns

Geared Toward Manufacturers

Print, mail, and email campaigns were created that supported the messaging that had been developed. We developed a complete arsenal of sales materials, presentations, and a trade show booth, as well as a video for CSMT, a health insurance program made for manufacturers.


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