Web Design: One Question You Should Ask Before You Install That Plugin

WordPress is the best CMS on the web right now. Large companies that are very meticulous about web design, such as Coca-Cola, are using this system to better connect with their customers. The lifeblood of WordPress is the plug-in, an application, sometimes free and sometimes not free, that enhances your websites and allows you to enhance your individuality and your utility. However, you should ask yourself a very important question before you install that next plug-in:

Is My Website Slowing Down?

Too many plug-ins can make your website slow down. When your website loads like a turtle, then people don’t want to visit it. You will lose eyeballs, and ultimately lose sales. The blog Tech.Co expands on this concept by adding:

The more plugins on your WordPress website, the more performance issues may occur. Thus, it is important to install the plugins after performing thorough research. A number of plugins can slow down the speed of a WordPress website. Plugins slow down the speed of the website because of the bad coding and installation of outdated versions.

When you have a lot of plug-ins on your website, you need to be hyper-sensitive about any changes going on. The people who create plug-ins update their plug-ins at their leisure, at their convenience. That means you have to check your website every day to be sure you have the latest version. Also, it is good to read reviews to know if a plug-in causes a website to slow down. If so, find an alternative.

Keeping track of your plug-ins will make your website run smoothly.

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