Web Design-who cares? YOU DO!

You’ve started up your own company and you’ve got yourself a nice little Facebook page, even set yourself up with a Twitter so future customers can interact with you. Your friend’s brother set you up with a website too. It’s got your logo, some pictures, a menu, you’re set right?


It takes more than one person to create a website that will draw visitors in and have them looking deeper and deeper into the company that has this amazing site. A website is a customers first taste of your company and you want it- no, NEED it- to be the right flavor.

The truth is that web design is not a solo project. It takes a team of educated, trained professionals who know that a website isn’t just a few images on a screen, it’s an experience that can make or break a customer’s decision to contact you for your business. You need a team that will learn what makes your company special. A team that will take that uniqueness and splatter it across the web so that people will flock to your site and then to your business.

Even the business magazine Forbes acknowledges that the right website can make or break some businesses. If your site is not user-friendly, or if it’s not “responsive” meaning it can move easily from desktop to handheld device, then these things could drive away potential business relationships.

Everything in today’s world has a presence online and you need a team like Small Dog Creative that will make sure your presence is noticed and doesn’t fade away into the background with the other made from home, cookie cutter websites. 

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