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We have decades of industry expertise in award-winning website design, branding, and marketing. Our goal is to support the growth of your business by producing consistently amazing creative content, enhancing brand storytelling, and building meaningful relationships with your audiences.

Since 2009

Our Journey

A lot has changed since we set up shop in 2009. While most of our original clients knew us for our exceptional websites, we have grown into so much more. We merged with Add+In Marketing in 2016, combining our web services with their marketing and creative production expertise to provide our customers with a turn-key approach to branding and marketing.

As our clients have grown, so have we. We cater to high-volume national and international organizations that need consistent, high-quality creative services at competitive rates. Our headquarters are located in Santa Clarita, CA and our team is located throughout the US, providing unparalleled daily support.

Our Team

Anya Smilanick, Small Dog Creative

Anya Smilanick

Agency Director & Founder

With 20 years of marketing and design under her belt, Anya founded Small Dog Creative in 2007. Anya has worked on hundreds of projects for hundreds of small businesses needing marketing materials online and offline. Anya graduated from Claremont Graduate University with an MFA in Fine Art, and now channels her creative energy into all things marketing.

Joy Whittemore, Small Dog Creative

Joy Whittemore

Agency Partner & Marketing Director

Joy spent over 17 years managing widely recognized brands as an in-house marketing manager. After transitioning to owning her own agency, Add+In Marketing, She merged with Small Dog Creative in 2016 so she could offer clients a full array of creative and web services. Her ‘joy’ in life is watching the rewarding results that come from providing clients with the support they need to keep their businesses flourishing. Joy keeps the ball rolling and the artwork flowing.

Monica Delgado, Small Dog Creative

Monica Delgado

Marketing Manager

As a member of the Small Dog family since 2018, Monica has worked with an extensive range of clients, helping entrepreneurs to elevate their online presence through brand storytelling and inbound marketing. Monica loves being able to apply her expertise to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and especially enjoys helping businesses establish a distinctive brand voice.

Nikki Laing, Small Dog Creative

Nikki Laing

Project Manager​

What do you get when you combine an English Lit graduate with 25+ years of sales and project management experience in the fuel, construction, and comms/defense industries? You get the anomaly that is Nikki Laing—SDC’s highly organized project manager with an unparalleled eye for detail. Nikki thrives in both technical and creative environments, loves Jeopardy, and can most often be found with a small dog on her lap and a large pup at her feet.
Note: the Office Gnome is NOT allowed to poop under her desk.

Daniel Manchego, Small Dog Creative

Daniel Manchego

Web Developer

Daniel Manchego is Small Dog Creative’s master web developer and has been an integral part of the team for over 6 exciting years. Daniel enjoys thinking critically to identify multiple solutions to one problem—thankfully—because our motto seems to be, ‘if you can dream it, Daniel can do it.’ We think his actual title is: Web Developer Wizard.

Madelyn Wattigney, Small Dog Creative

Madelyn Wattigney

Senior Graphic Designer

Madelyn is a graphic designer and illustrator with extensive experience creating visual identities and collateral for a variety of businesses and organizations.

Born and raised in New Orleans, her southern heritage runs deep. During the beginning of her design career, she worked and collaborated with incredible folks like Emeril’s, Cat’s Meow, Abita Brewery, New Orleans Children’s Museum, and endless Mardi Gras krewes.

Moving to the Dallas/Fort Worth area was originally a culture shock but she quickly embraced the traditions and pride that Texas embodies.

When not designing—which is rarely—Madelyn is a passionate cook, an audiobook-listener, a tea-sipper, a sushi-lover, a true-crime-podcast-fan, a community volunteer, and a steadfast advocate for breast cancer awareness.

Melissa Gagnon, Small Dog Creative

Melissa Gagnon

Graphic Designer

Since becoming a Pokemon trainer wasn’t realistic, Melissa Gagnon studied Advertising at Temple University with a focus on Art Direction. She knew it was the right choice when she looked forward to spending hours on creative content and was proud to explain to her friends the difference between RGB & CMYK. With over 5 years of design experience, Melissa’s creative journey has been fun and filled with days lost in the creative cloud. She is determined to incorporate sriracha in every meal and loves to cook her way through her Pinterest boards. When the weather is warm, she loves to garden, go for walks in the park with her pup Roxy, and plan her next adventure—each trip bringing her closer to her goal to hiking through all of America’s National Parks.

Amy Kwan, Small Dog Creative

Amy Kwan

Graphic Designer

Amy Kwan is a Toronto-based graphic designer. Her love for creativity started with drawing when she was a child. Over the years it extended to photography and eventually to graphic design, as it consolidated many of the visual elements she enjoyed into one. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at OCAD University.

With a passion for art and design, Amy’s ambition is to explore, expand and experiment with her creative range throughout diverse mediums.

Her hobbies include scrapbooking, music and travel.

Office Gnome, Small Dog Creative

The Office Gnome

Mischief Maker

This semi-magical creature comes to life at night and causes mischief. His favorite pastime is roaming the office after hours and drinking the office beer. He is often found passed out in the conference room or pooping under someone’s desk. He has been kicked out of the office many times, left across town, and shipped to China, but he always finds his way back in.

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