Keyword Research

Keywords, or search terms, are the terms you think your customers use to find your business on Google or Yahoo. If you want to have your website rank for search terms, they need to be on your website. Correct usage and placement of these terms is essential to getting your website to rank well in search engines.

Keyword Reports

If your website includes our SEO Upgrade Package we will email you a PDF report of your keyword research one week after you send us your keywords. Your keyword research report includes statistics on the keywords you provided and a number of other terms we added. We also include our top recommended keywords / search terms. These words should be included in your content.

There are three main things we look for when choosing your search terms.


Search terms need to be relevant to your industry and they need to be terms used by your customers, not industry pros. We also want to make sure people are looking to buy when searching for your term. For example, people searching for “banana bread” are most likely looking for recipes for making banana bread, not looking to buy it.


Your search terms should have a reasonable amount of traffic. We wouldn’t want to optimize for “Juggling Pandas” if no one is searching for that term.


Chances are many of the terms you might want to rank well for have competition. Some of the more difficult terms to rank for may take six months to a year to see results (if any). It is best to stick to terms that are more specific and local. General terms tend to have a lot of competition, but as we get more specific the competition tends to decline.

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