Inbound Marketing

Inbound Stays One Step Ahead of Closing the Business

Relationship-Driven Marketing

Your customers want to be educated, not sold to. Inbound marketing drives consumers to your website, then offers them educational tools with valuable insight and tangible information about your products/services. This process builds trust online that converts leads into long-lasting relationships for your business. The best part about inbound marketing is that it shows proven results every step of the way.

The Secret Sauce

An Integrated Approach

We design a custom, branded library of educational materials like e-books and blogs. Then, we distribute those materials in one integrated campaign using advanced technology. Instead of a multitude of ads and campaigns managed by different people in different locations, we target your prospective clients at specific points in their “Buyer’s Journey”.

  • Attract Visitors to Your Website
  • Convert them to Customers
  • Close the Sale (ROI)
  • Delight Them Into Staying Loyal Customers

Don’t Just Meet Your Goals, Exceed Them

A Proven Step-By-Step Process

We can actually set a baseline and track goals throughout the online sales journey. It’s really quite phenomenal. Instead of seeking out prospective clients, have them come to you. Small Dog Creative creates landing pages, blog posts and educational content that will lead your customer directly to your website and court them throughout the entire sales process. Here’s a few astonishing results:

  • 80% Increase in customers. 600 new online customers in the first year – Bell Performance
  • Cuts sales cycle in half and increased revenue by 35% – Proper
  • 120% Increase in organic traffic. Reduced PPC spending by 50% – River Pools


Here are some of our favorite stats on Inbound Marketing.

6.5 times the amount of leads in 6 months.
– Energy Cap

46% Increase in organic traffic.
– Waterfall