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Leading CA Agriculture Firm

Barkley Risk Management & Insurance

Barkley is a humble team of heroes who insure a majority of the agricultural industry in CA. We completed a brand overhaul of the company name, website, and much more. The result is a library of PowerPoint presentations, proposals, and more for their sales team to utilize daily.


We Did

Seeking New Heights

Breaking Insurance Tradition

The Barkley team wanted a site and a sales process that truly stood out from the crowd. From our discovery process came the Altitude selling process and the infamous Barkley mountain. The process, branding, and sales materials describe the ability of the sales team to uniquely observe the entire scope of their client’s business wellness and advise them.

Everything is Unique

Beyond Basic Business Cards

We created vertical business cards that have a unique QR code for each person on the sales team. When the QR code is scanned, it puts the entire salesperson’s contact info into your cell phone. The cards of course highlight the Barkley mountain that we used across the brand to emulate seeing the entire insurance picture from above and advising from a holistic perspective.

Marketing Materials

Tradeshow Materials and More

While presenting at trade shows, Barkley needs pop-up banners, sell sheets, and more to showcase their expertise. We support every category of business Barkley offers.

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