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Deck Org

Deck Org helps healthcare, tech-enabled services, real estate and manufacturing businesses achieve accelerated growth through strategic guidance and investment capital. Deck Org specifically partners with companies looking to bring about meaningful change in the world through innovative solutions to real problems.


We Did

Building Trust

Approachable Web Design

The objective for was to create a compelling showpiece that would bring legitimacy to their brand. We wanted to present Deck Org as a company with integrity—one that potential partners could trust to respect and nurture their vision for their business. The website that emerged exudes both credibility and warmth with clean lines, a professional color palette, and a human element throughout the strategically-selected imagery.

An Air of Honesty

Strategic Positioning

The content we created for Deck Org is crafted to attract the right demo of mission-driven businesses while conveying core values such as honesty and transparency. The copy strikes a balance between illustrating Deck Org’s expertise, clearly disclosing their investment criteria, and maintaining approachability. Deck Org is now positioned online as a trustworthy partner, ready to empower and enable mission-driven businesses to flourish and grow.

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