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EcoViews Landscape & Pavers Company offers eco-friendly solutions that minimize environmental impact while maximizing natural beauty. Their full service design and construction team brings your vision to life in a way that’s attractive, functional, and sustainable. EcoViews specializes in pavers, hardscapes, and landscaped podiums for hotels, apartment complexes, commercial roof decks and more.


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Tasteful Website Design

EcoViews’ website not only showcases their exceptional work, but accentuates the class and professionalism behind their brand. We paired a color palette of dusty sage, charcoal, teal and cream with a serif and modern script font for sophistication and style. A subtle gray-blue cast applied to images allows accompanying text to narrate the story while photos shine through. Their website not only serves as a visual portfolio of their outstanding work, but highlights the artistry and expertise that their team brings to every project.

Meticulous Wordsmithing

Carefully Curated Copywriting

In addition to design, Small Dog Creative provided copywriting services for EcoViews’ website and brochure. Their content strikes a balance between professionalism and approachability and serves a dual purpose: clearly articulate the company’s services and position EcoViews as a premier choice for large estates and commercial projects. This approach not only enhances the company’s online presence but supports EcoViews’ aspirations to secure more large-scale jobs.

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