Three Reasons Your Business Should Blog

You know you should be blogging, but maybe you’re not sure why. Maybe you have a blog, but it has fallen behind due to more pressing business. Maybe you don’t have an inkling of a blog. Either way, we’re here to encourage you to get your blog rolling. There are numerous reasons, but now we are going to focus on three:

1.) A blog has the power to speak to your target market in a way that other aspects of your business cannot. Customers these days don’t want to simply buy a product or service; most customers also want to know what kind of company they are supporting. If you are anti-slavery, or environmental in your business practices, a blog is a great way to back up your stance and connect morality to your business while displaying a personality. When a business has personality, i.e., great brand development, it will stay in the minds of people.

2.) A blog is an inexpensive way to advertise your business. DexMedia says, “61% of U.S. consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post.” Once you have a website in place, it does not take much to update a blog. By using search engine optimization and creating interesting, original content relevant to your business, you can draw customers (current and future) to your blog, and therefore your business, by allowing them to discover you among their everyday internet use. Connecting your business to your customers lives will help them to feel that your business is not only relevant, but necessary.

3.) Blogging allows your business to become known as an expert in your subject. People today want to know that they are purchasing something that will last and something that was created with thought. The fulfillment of these desires is established when your business displays expert knowledge in your subject. Customers will do research before shopping. If you spend some time developing a blog that gives expert advice and interesting news related to your market, your expertness will be evident.

Hopefully, we have helped you to understand the importance of blogging for your business. Now, get writing!

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